What does our fifth expert have to say about dietary oils?

Part 5 of the Experts and Oils Series
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PhD: Mercer University – Doctor of Pharmacy
BS: Georgia State University – Chemistry and Kinesiology
Certification: Cornell University – Plant-Based Nutrition

Unlike the previous experts highlighted in the series, Bobby Price is not an MD. He’s trained as a pharmacist. Dr. Price is a strong advocate for plant-based nutrition and emphasizes the health benefits of a vegan diet for disease prevention and overall well-being.

Bobby Price, PharmD, is a certified plant-based nutritionist and exercise physiologist, a holistic pharmacist, wellness educator and entrepreneur dedicated to promoting health and well-being through natural remedies and lifestyle choices. His professional experience includes extensive clinical experience in the hospital setting as well as pharmacy experience and healthcare regulatory experience with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He has also authored books.

As the founder of DrBobbyPrice.com, he shares his expertise and passion for holistic health with a global audience through online resources, educational content and wellness products. He integrates scientific knowledge with alternative therapies to support holistic healing and overall wellness, and his work involves using plant-based foods, herbal medicine and holistic techniques to help individuals restore their well-being. His website provides extensive information on nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness and fitness, offering a comprehensive resource for holistic health.

Dr. Price, a vegan, informs that he’s studied with herbalists, shamans and spiritual gurus to learn “the magical art of healing the mind, body, and soul.” His website does not include where he has spoken or any of the herbalists, shamans or spiritual gurus he’s studied with.


Dr. Price is emphatic about vegetable and seed oils and warns against their consumption. He cites the refining process as what makes vegetable/seed oils dangerous, explaining the processing — including heat pressure, bleaching and the use of chemicals and heavy metals — strips away the protective antioxidants that were once a part of the whole food.

He considers these oils inflammatory, stating:

  • “Oils are not the way nature, God source, intended for us to get healthy fats in our body.”
  • “Oils are empty calories. They have no nutrition in them.”
  • “[Oils] disrupt the cellular membrane.”
  • “Oils are not what nature intended for us to have as healthy fats.”
  • “Healthy fats are the way that nature intended for us to get healthy fats in our bodies.”
  • “[Oils are] very toxic.”

In particular, he says Canola oil is a man-made, synthetic oil that causes a lot of inflammation in the body.

Dr. Price’s advice: “Avoid seed oils completely to protect your health, as they contribute to inflammation and are highly processed.”


He recommends eliminating all oils, “with the exception of coconut oil.”

Dr. Price has a large social media presence. A quick Google search will uncover details about Dr. Price, his influence and his opinions. Find him if you want to learn more about his stance on dietary oils and other nutrition topics.

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