Prevention paves the way to optimal health

In the United States, our healthcare system predominantly operates under an allopathic model, prioritizing the treatment of illness and disease using medication and surgery. As a result, many of us overlook the significance of preventive measures when making dietary choices. With a societal emphasis on pharmaceutical solutions, the focus often shifts away from pre-emptive health practices, because we know if illness strikes, there’s a healthcare system to help us manage it. But adherents of a holistic health approach understand the value of averting illness altogether, emphasizing the importance of preventing illness before it occurs.

Heck, it’s human nature. Often, we tune into our health when it’s compromised — cancer, diabetes, hypertension. When these diagnoses occur, our belief systems will likely take us down one of two paths:

  1. The first path engages us directly in our healthcare. We may turn to vegan or raw food diets. People will spring into action and make extraordinary and even lifelong dietary and nutritional changes, which might include adding supplements to the diet.
  1. Those on the second path are unable to focus on this. Instead, all of their emotional and mental energy will focus on grieving their diagnosis and experiencing the fear, dread, doubt and depression that can accompany it. For these individuals, it will be easier to simply take the medications and undergo the therapies prescribed by their physicians.

Notably, individuals respond to illness in various ways. There’s certainly no universally correct or incorrect approach; rather, each person’s response is valid and tailored to their unique experience.

Living healthfully is an ongoing process. It’s built day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by decade. Living healthfully is a commitment to health, wellness and vitality. Living healthfully:

  • Means educating yourself about basic nutrition.
  • Is a desire to live consciously and take care in what we place into our bodies.
  • Is a refusal to allow physicians to build our health.
  • Is harnessing our power to control what we can. We can control how we feed and move our bodies. As long as we’re physically able, we determine if we’ll exercise a little bit, a lot or not at all.

We’ve all heard people say their diagnosis of a medical condition has been, in some way, a good thing — a blessing, a gift — because it pushed them to change and develop new habits that nurture and heal. These changes are important on our life’s journey, but we want to change on our own before we face disease.

Promoting good health involves prioritizing the decisions we make in our lives today. These choices directly impact our future well-being. And we should always gives ourselves credit for consistently engaging in health promoting dietary behaviors.   

A commitment to health is multifaceted, but nutrition plays a central role in our health and well-being. We can’t control everything, but we can commit to nutritional growth and change. Regardless of your health state, your health journey will always be enhanced by good nutritional choices.

Be well, friends.

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