Pork or Beef? Think critically. Be informed.

There once was a man who ate no swine
It’s dirty! It’s dirty, he loved to whine
We walked in for pizza, and he reached for his fork
No way, no how will I eat any pork!

I can honestly say he never misses the chance
To perform this routine, this same song and dance
On and on about how pigs are the worst
Loving to tell us their offerings are cursed

He ordered his pizza and so did I
His toppings had no pork, but one caught my eye
Ground beef please, is what he asked for
Hormones, antibiotics and a helluva lot more

So, while he passed on the pig
And said he wouldn’t do it
I thought about his choice
. . . If only he knew it

Um… I’m no poet. So, I can’t make a poem, but I can make a point.

Don’t eat pork? That’s cool, but…

My lunch buddy believed the factory farmed beef was a cleaner choice than the factory-farmed pork. Was it? He didn’t know. He didn’t ask. Maybe there is no answer. Maybe it’s not so simple. Had he evaluated both the beef and the pork and selected based on wholesomeness and “cleanliness,” he may not have been so fervent about ground beef’s superiority over pepperoni.

When he rejected the pork, he simultaneously accepted the beef as okay, without considering how factory farmed beef and factory farmed pork are raised and processed.

Is a pasture-raised pig better, cleaner than a factory-farmed cow? That discussion is beyond the scope of this post. When faced with the choice – pasture-raised pork or CAFO beef – let’s make an informed choice. When you forgo one food and select another in its place, research the alternative. This is worthwhile. You’re in charge. Make informed decisions.

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