Nutrition can improve your life in a meaningful way

We all want to enjoy good health, because when we do our quality of life is enhanced. By health, I mean health as defined in a holistic paradigm, which encompasses health of the mind, body and spirit.

The science of nutrition reveals the life-giving benefits of quality nutrition. Beyond healthy eating, lean bodies and good physical health, we want to experience other elements of well‑being. We want to love and be loved. We want to restore a healthy self-esteem if it was ever lost or develop it if it was never there. We want to be confident and happy and enthusiastic about life — for ourselves, our children and our loved ones. On the path to wellness, feeling good about oneself should be a goal, just as optimal physical health is.

Honor your body and give back to it. Our bodies have amazing self-healing capabilities if nourished with a healthy diet.

Some people believe that by engaging in spiritual, mystical or religious practices, they’re living their lives meaningfully. While this may involve showing reverence to a higher power in some way, it doesn’t necessarily translate to honoring that higher power through actions. For instance, if you nourish your body with unhealthy substances, are you truly showing reverence to the source of life or to the essence within yourself?

To enhance your spiritual connections, you can prioritize a diet that promotes well-being. By consuming foods that support health, you demonstrate respect for the body that sustains you. For those who don’t subscribe to the concept of a higher power, this approach aligns with honoring your inherent essence.

Good food choices help us thrive not only physically and emotionally, but also spiritually.

Honor your whole self. Focus your dietary direction and decide which improvements you can make that will nourish your whole self.

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