Normalizing nutrition dysfunction: The Big Mouth Burger

Chili’s restaurant offers a menu of burgers called Big Mouth Burgers. The Bacon Rancher Burger, pictured below, is one of them. Indeed, it is a crude and excessive offering, an obscene and vulgar provision that belongs to the gluttonous.

So often dysfunction morphs into mutated normalcy. We pretend there is no dysfunction where there is. This perverse mishandling of the truth also applies to nutrition. I remember when you could go to McDonald’s and buy a small two- or three-ounce hamburger. Fast forward to today where throughout the United States deviant food concoctions like the hamburger below summon us to invite illness into our lives.

To be clear, it is assumed that the pictured burger is the Double Bacon Rancher Burger shown below in the Chili’s outdated nutrition information.

If the pictured item is the Bacon Rancher Burger, what then is the Double Bacon Rancher Burger shown in the nutrition information? We don’t know. We shouldn’t have to question it.

This nutrition information and the pictured Bacon Rancher Burger were accessed from the Chili’s website on March 28, 2024. Yes. Chili’s updated the nutrition information on January 30, 2024. But just like they update their website with offerings, they should simultaneously update the nutrition information. At all times, the nutrition information should reflect what Chili’s is selling to the American public and failure to do so is egregious. But anyway, I digress. Back to the issue at hand. This…

Double Bacon Rancher Burger Nutrition Information

If this is not an abomination, I don’t know what is.

This hamburger contains 1710 calories, which is more than a whole day’s worth of food for many people! Plus, when you add fries and a soda… geez! Anyway, take a look at the RDA values to appreciate the tragedy of this offering.

Healthcare authorities point to the prevalence of food around us 24/7 as one of the reasons for the shocking rates of overweight and obesity in the United States. They assert that people, when faced with more food on their plate, will eat more. I don’t doubt it. Presently more than 80% of American adults are overweight, with more than 40% considered obese.

Though that hamburger is available to us, we alone decide whether we choose to eat this. Barring a medical disorder, wouldn’t it be enough to just enjoy a plain old cheeseburger or, if you’re going to have bacon on it, just a plain old bacon cheeseburger?

Back in the day you might’ve added a single piece of American cheese to a hamburger, making it a cheeseburger. I remember later, the widespread introduction of bacon onto those cheeseburgers. So, the hamburger and the basic cheeseburger morphed into something with bacon added — as well as added protein, fat and sodium. Nowadays, you can get much more on a single-patty hamburger besides a piece of cheese or even a piece of bacon. And it’s usually more than a single patty and sometimes more than two halves of a hamburger bun.

This is more than just a “cheat meal” for those who consider a cheeseburger a cheat meal. If a hamburger or cheeseburger is your cheat meal, then have a hamburger or cheeseburger. But this? You must decide if your cheat meal is going to be a single Little Cheeseburger at Five Guys for instance, or the monstrosity pictured in this photograph.

I’m not picking on Chili’s. I’ve I’ve never been inside of one or eaten their food. I’m not advocating for Five Guys, either. Other restaurants and chains offer burgers similar to the Chili’s Big Mouth Burger, I’m sure. And some a lot bigger, no doubt.

Put cheat meals (if you even acknowledge such meals) in their proper place. For some, this is not a cheat meal at all. But if this cheeseburger, or something like it, is a cheat meal it requires us to think about our cheat meals and what they mean to us. Does it mean a relatively minor deviation from what we consider a healthy meal? Or in the extreme, does it mean going all out and eating whatever we desire in any amount? What about frequency? Is it ever okay to eat the Bacon Rancher Burger? Okay once a month? Once a year?

Whatever it is, the cheat meal is something we should ponder. Ask yourself if this Bacon Rancher Burger is sensible on any level. And determine if, how and when it is.

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