Make sure nutrition doesn’t take a back seat

When you get off work, you have your second-hand energy available for your other pursuits. You’re on the downside of your day. Your energy levels are lower, especially if you work a physically or emotionally demanding job. Though weary, there’s dinner to prepare or acquire. You’ll lament “I didn’t fit in my 11 veggies and five fruits today.” Chances are, you haven’t—and you won’t. This scenario plays out for many Americans five days a week, week after week, year after year.

We are to take our vitamins, eat our veggies, prepare home cooked meals, avoid eating processed food, know what trans fats are, weight train three times per week, do cardio four times per week, attend to spirituality, pay our bills, be internet savvy and date. And if you have a family – you’re expected to be a good mom, a good dad, a good spouse, a good partner. You play with the kids, feed them, help them with their homework.

You’re expected to keep in touch with your family, nurture existing friendships, form new ones and be attentive to romantic relationships. You should be aware of current events, learn how to use your digital camera, your dishwasher with its bells and whistles, determine the best anti-virus software, know the best sites for buying discounted airline tickets . . .  

It’s a lot.

After all this, you’re expected to tend to nutrition. Sometimes nutrition doesn’t make it in.

At some point we must insist it does. We must reclaim the pursuit of wellness and say to ourselves, “I want my best for me, and I can control this pursuit.” 

Stolen moments and snippets of time to meet your nutritional goals might be cool most of the time; but you’ll need to devote quality effort and uninterrupted time to analyze, research, decide, create and prepare your diet and meals.

To focus as you need to, you’ll have to become a capable organizer and manager of your time, your life and your relationships. Resolve to do the best with what you’ve got, instead of waiting until you have the right moments, enough time or when it’s more comfortable for you. You only need two things to do this: will and discipline. So, use yours since you can.

When we don’t prioritize nutrition, we can encourage bad health outcomes. Changing your circumstance requires time and directed, determined effort and focus. This means you have to prioritize and set aside blocks of time to attend to your health and wellness.

Make it work, friends. Make it work. 🙂

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