Don’t hate yourself. Heal yourself.

Disappointed? Frustrated? Feel like you’re spending a lot time on diet, exercise, planning and other wellness activities yet feel you haven’t made sufficient strides? Haven’t been watching your fat intake? Only worked out two times a week over the last month? Only lost four pounds in three months? Consumed 2,000 calories each day for the last two weeks instead of the intended 1,500? Take a step back.

Don’t wallow in a defeatist attitude. Don’t invite bad energy. Don’t stifle your wins. Know you have won. You’ve won because:

  • You’re started to care about your health.
  • You’ve started to take steps to improve it.
  • You’ve made strides.
  • You’re still doing what’s required.

So, you haven’t hit the ball out of the park yet. So, you’ve stumbled a bit. You already know life doesn’t happen in a neat, unobstructed, linear pre-planned fashion. You’re on a journey. There will be ups and downs. Yes; there will be times when you fail to meet your immediate goals. Readjust. Reframe. Begin anew. You have the power to do all these things. I mention power a lot. In these instances, it’s yours to harness as you will.

Don’t hate your journey. Instead, remain focused on the exchange — your efforts for the benefits you’ll obtain. You mustn’t relinquish your power to grief, anger or frustration.

If you continue to hate yourself for unmet immediate goals, you’ll begin to feel like an underachiever. You’ll feel like a failure because you believe you should’ve accomplished more. It’s good to set a bar for achievable goals, but it’s imperative that you insert wiggle room into this. If not, you’re doomed. You begin to second guess yourself and question yourself. You wonder if you don’t have what it takes. You might become self-destructive and bitter.

Embrace your singular focus, which is your well-being. As you do this, you’ll stop hating yourself. You won’t have time to. This is how you heal. Focus on your well-being. You have complete control over what you think. Those are your thoughts. Yours alone. Realign them.

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