Are you a passive bystander in your nutritional life?

Do you look solely to a physician, a pill or a bariatric procedure to manage your weight or weight-related health problems?

Many do.

“Take this pill four times a day.”
“Take this one twice a day with food.”
“Take two of these before bedtime with a glass of water.”

Blindly follow these directives and you don’t have to think about a thing. Of course, you’ll do what the doctor says you need to do to get better. But to participate fully in your wellness you should avoid only following directives from others. You should also create your own.

Many do.

Relinquishing your health to the medical establishment is not what you want to do.

Every day, people surrender their health to physicians and pills. They want the physician or the pill to do their healing. For instance, many people at unhealthy body weights never ask themselves why they overeat. They don’t ask the doctors or other health professionals. They don’t read about nutrition. They’re apathetic, until illness strikes, manifesting in labored breathing, painful knees or the onset of diabetes. Once diagnosed, many people look solely to pills and surgeries to cure their ails.

Whatever your approach to your health and wellness, don’t be passive. Honor yourself enough to take proactive steps to manage your health. Try a weight loss program or a fitness tracking app or other solution. Explore psychotherapy if you feel it could help you. Learn why you overeat. These invitations to act represent the control you have — your power within, if you’re willing to channel it. To continue, business as usual, taking no self-directed action, means you’re being a passive bystander in your life.

If you require medical interventions like medications or surgery, then that’s the approach you’ll take to achieve health and subsequent healing. Whatever your journey, be active in it and help control and improve your outcomes.

Even after onset of illness, many continue as passive bystanders in their lives, giving little thought to taking a series of pharmaceutical preparations to manage hypertension or diabetes. They rely exclusively on their doctor to guide them to good health.

Doctors manage your condition and keep you alive in the process. Ask yourself if you merely seek management of a health condition or if you seek healing. The doctor helps you to heal, but true healing occurs when you implement health-promoting changes in your life.

If you want to achieve optimal health, take an active role in your health, and don’t expect doctors to do your healing for you. Doctors might be the authorities, but they’re also your partners in health. Physicians make a living by treating the sick, and some become wealthy from patients who stay sick because they’re passive bystanders in their own lives.

Be an active participant in your wellness. Where you can, show up and take charge of your health, healing and wellness. The ability to do this is a gift.

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