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Holisticnutritioness.com advocates for healthy holistic dietary lifestyles, empowering individuals to positively influence their health outcomes. My mission is to educate, raise awareness and empower people to make informed decisions regarding nutrition, diet and lifestyle choices.

Holisticnutritioness.com aims to inspire you to examine your consciousness about food — about what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. We should all examine why we’ve been unable or unwilling to change poor eating habits. It’s my hope that you’ll find support here on your quest to craft and shape a healthful, rewarding and fulfilling nutritional life. 

Part of enjoying the benefits of optimal health is maintaining a lean body with low levels of body fat and by exercising regularly. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Since excess body weight is strongly associated with so many life-threatening disease states (including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.), it’s a prevalent topic on the blog. 

Knowledge of nutrition gives us great power — power we can use for ourselves or relinquish to physicians, pharmaceutical companies and others. Holisticnutritioness.com encourages change in manageable, sustainable and realistic increments, encompassing small goals that, over time, lead to better dietary choices.

The science shared on this blog is sourced from current, reputable sources. Added to this science is my opinion and viewpoint, which is based on this science. All content on this blog is commentary or opinion provided for educational purposes and protected under free speech. 

I am not to be held to current beliefs and viewpoints over the long haul. Naturally, I reserve the right to change my mind and alter my viewpoints. So, what I say today may not be my viewpoint five years from now. With emerging science, and as I learn and grow and become more informed in this discipline, I may hold a different viewpoint in the future. Therefore, my words here are not to be set in stone.

Social Media: I talk here. I’ll occasionally discuss topics on YouTube that complement the blog’s content. If you’d like to engage with me, leave a comment below a post, hit me up on the contact form here or find me on YouTube.

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