About me

My name is Laverne Hedgepeth. I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m the Founder of Holisticnutritioness.com.

Am I a nutritionist or dietitian? I’m neither.


Indeed I am an arbiter of ideas… a nutrition enthusiast… a natural foods advocate… and a health writer.  

My deep interest in diet and nutrition stems from personal experience. In the late 90s I experienced a health challenge, which I believe was a direct result of my then, poor dietary choices. Since that time, I’ve made understanding diet and nutrition a priority in my life. This experience is why I’m focused on promoting healthy nutritional lifestyles. 

To further my understanding of nutrition, I previously committed to formal study on the topic. I was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition, enrolled at the Clayton College of Natural Health when the school suddenly ceased operations. But those eight classes gifted me with a sound grasp of basic holistic nutritional principles and how dietary decisions affect our body, our mind and our states of health.

I’m well-informed on the value of healthy holistic lifestyles and dietary practices, and I’m committed to helping people travel their health-promoting journey by helping them emerge from states of inaction, which may be laying them the groundwork for poor health. My focus is the influence of nutrition on our health states.  

I bring a deep-seated personal interest in food — how it helps us and how it harms us. I’m seduced by the power of nutrition. I think it’s a fascinating area of science. Today, I continue in my role as a student of nutrition and writer and researcher on the topic of holistic nutrition. Here, I share commentary and insights. Because there are issues and topics I’d like to explore with you, Holisticnutritioness.com was born. 

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